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A safe haven for lenrning

About Us

Founder’s Message

The Blazers is cradled in a community rich with resources. The safe haven is nurtured by the wealth of knowledge found in the museums nearby, the campus of University of Southern California and the many businesses and activities and places unique to Los Angeles. The diversity of the community adds to the richness in experiences for the many participants in the program. The Blazers is a place of learning Quality programming is made possible through the generous support of our many sponsors, loyal volunteers and dedicated staff. A special note of appreciation and gratitude to all our supporters past and present for their involvement with the Blazers.


Our mission is to improve community health by empowering individuals to promote and practice the healthy lifestyles and behaviors necessary to build positive proactive healthy communities.

The Blazers is dedicated to providing a Safe Haven where families develop and cultivate skills to:

  • – To Listen Actively
  • – To Think Positively
  • – To Speak Truthfully
  • – To Act Responsibly and Compassionately
  • – To Be Valued Members of the Community

Board of Directors
Ann Davenport
Stephanie Johnson
Leonor Lizardo
Clay McDonald
Dorothy McL eod
Ricky Rodriguez
Dorothy Simmons

Advisory Committee
Bennie Davenport
Brad Luster
Robert Norton
John Paul De Joria
Mike Wilson


Founded in 1969, “The Blazers” began as a youth basketball program providing basketball instruction, academic tutoring, and mentoring for 10 young men from West and Central Los Angeles. From its modest beginnings in a local park, “The Blazers” evolved into a league of six teams with 70 members – boys and girls, ages 7 to 17 – who competed across the country and won national titles. In 1994, the program expanded its vision to include an after school program and opened “The Blazers Safe Haven” for learning. Located in the urban inner city of Los Angeles, within the 8th Los Angeles City Council District, the Blazer Safe Haven has the unique opportunity to reach out and to empower the economically, educationally, and technologically disadvantaged youth and families in its community. This is accomplished, in part, by empowering the community’s youth with the educational tools and support they will need to better themselves and the communities in which they live.

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